• Garage Door

    Maintenance Tips

6 Month Maintenance

Every mechanical system has wear and tear over time. There are few simple steps you can take every few months to perform a maintenance by yourself.


Lubricate the following parts with a silicon spray (do not use WD40). Metal rollers, bearings, stems, hinges and the top of the chain rail (spraying the chain itself is not recommended).

Tracks Cleaning

Wipe any debris off your tracks and make sure nothing gets between the tracks and the rollers.
Make sure the tracks are aligned. If not, loosen the bolts, align the tracks and tighten the bolts back.

Sensors Alignment and Cleaning

Make sure your garage door sensor bolts are tighten, the sensors are aligned (facing each other), and clean.

System Tests

There are few simple tests you can run in order to make sure everything works properly.

Balance Test

Close your garage door, Pull the safety handle to disconnect the automatic opener, lift your door about 3-4 feet high, make sure it rolls smoothly and stays open without rolling back down.

Reversal System Test

Open your door up, place a 2×4 wood piece under the door and close your garage door. The automatic reversal system should bounce the door back when making a contact with any object.

Please use common sense, do not use force, and consult with one of our technicians if anything seems wrong.