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Purpose of Opener

Overhead garage door openers are made for our convenience. Garage door openers do not provide the power to lift the weight of the door, that power comes from the springs. However, openers do integrate an electric motor that rolls the door up and down, at our request. Eliminating the need to do it manually.

Types of Openers

Screw Drive Opener

Screw Drive

Connected to the trolley with a long screw rod inside the track. Screw drive openers are weather sensitive and noisy, but they are low cost.

Chain Drive Opener

Chain Drive

Connected to the trolley by a bicycle-style chain. Chain drive openers are very reliable and known as what has been most commonly used for years.

Belt Drive Overhead Garage Opener

Belt Drive

Replaces the chain with a rubber belt, which is just as reliable as the chain, but provides quieter operation in comparison to the chain drive. In today’s market, this is what is most commonly used.

Jackshaft Opener Installation


Wall-mounted at the end of the torsion bar. Jackshaft’s are quiet, elegant, and easy to install in any size garage.

Special Features

As garage door openers developed for our convenience, today’s openers continue to evolve with new technologies. Now, there are also WiFi powered devices. Controlled by a remote app from your smart phone, which come equipped with: an auto-close timer, motion activated light switches, force-open monitor to protect against intruders, email notification on status changes, and battery backup to make sure everything works as usual in case of electricity shortage.

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